5 Tips For Choosing The Right Dance Studio For Your Child

Dance classes provide a number of benefits for children, such exercise, discipline, and the opportunity to socialize with peers. But if you want your child to get the most out of dance classes, it is important to choose the right dance studio. Use the following tips to select the best dance studio for your child:

Observe a Class

Before enrolling your child in dance classes at a studio, take the time to observe a class. This will give you the opportunity to see how the class is organized and how the dance teacher interacts with the students.Many dance studios also offer a free class so kids can try out the studio, so consider signing your child up for a complimentary class while you observe.

Discover the Studio's Values

One of the keys to your child enjoying dance classes is to attend a studio that matches your values and ideas of what the dance classes should achieve. For example, if your child is new to dancing, you will most likely want a studio that focuses on being positive and encouraging. A dance studio that focuses on competitions and has competitive dance teams probably would not be a good fit for a beginner.

Consider the Instructor's Qualifications

Being an excellent dancer does not necessarily make a person a good dance teacher. Take the time to learn about the dance instructor's qualifications before enrolling your child in a dance studio. Ideally, you should look for a studio that employs instructors who have many years of experience in teaching children how to dance.


Many families are on a budget, and the price of dance classes can play a big role in what dance studio you choose. Before enrolling your child in dance classes, make sure that you have a clear understanding of exactly how much the classes will cost. Many parents do not realize that in addition to the fees to attend class, there may also be expenses for recital costumes and recital tickets. Knowing the costs upfront will help ensure that you're choosing a dance studio that you can afford.

Talk with Other Parents

A great way to get a feel for a dance studio and learn what to expect from its dance classes is by talking to parents who have their children enrolled in classes at a studio. Most dance studios are happy to provide references when asked, and it is well worth your time to speak with other parents before committing to a specific dance studio. 

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