Pros And Cons Of Dressing Like Your Character During Acting Classes

When you begin to take acting classes, it won't be long before you're either developing a character yourself or playing the role of a notable character as you perform in front of your teacher. There are many different types of acting classes, and some will give you the option of dressing like your character should you wish to do so. There's little doubt that it can be fun to dress like your character, and that doing so may seem appealing to you. Here are some pros and cons of dressing up to keep in mind.

Pro: Ability To Get In Character

Aspiring actors and actresses who choose to dress like their characters often do so because it helps them to get in character. If the character that you'll be playing is dramatically different than your own personality, it may seem challenging to adopt his or her overall feel. Wearing clothes that your character might wear will help you to remember that for the length of your performance in class, you "are" this character.

Con: Investment Of Time

Depending on the type of role that you'll be playing, getting a costume together might take a significant amount of time and effort. This is less than ideal in many cases because you'd be better off working on your character's lines and overall body language instead of his or her attire. Unless you've been told otherwise, you'll likely be evaluated based on your ability to act, not based on how you dressed up for the class.

Pro: Demonstration Of Commitment

There's little question that when you show up at your acting class dressed as your character — especially if the character's costume is elaborate — you're demonstrating your commitment to acting. Your instructor will likely be impressed with how seriously you're taking this process, and provided that you haven't sacrificed your ability to perform your lines because you spent too much time on your costume, you'll likely be one of the stars of the class.

Con: Logistical Challenges

There may be some logistical challenges that are present when you want to dress as your character at your acting class. For example, if you're running straight from school or work to your acting class, it may not be practical to get changed into the outfit at the venue nor to get dressed in your character's outfit in the morning and spend the day dressed in that manner.